No. 54 Climb a Little Longer

This song features a duet and a chorus. I have put the duet’s part in italics and the chorus’ in bold. All other lyrics are sung together.

Verse 1:
Trav’ler, tho’ your feet are worn,
Climb a little longer;
Tho’ with thorns your hands are torn,
Climb a little longer.
Thorns shall change to waving palms,
Tempests cease in heav’nly calms,
Joy shall banish your alarms,
Wait a little longer.

Verse 2:
Tho’ your heart is aching sore,
Bear a little longer;
Stands another cross before?
Lift a little longer.
No more heartache, no more pain,
In the land that you shall gain,
Only faithfully remain
True a little longer.

Verse 3:
Step by step climb higher still,
Climb a little longer;
At the top your heart shall thrill,
Help a little longer.
On your brow shall shine a gem,
Sparkling in life’s diadem,
In the new Jerusalem
On, a little longer.

Verse 4
Glory in the sunset land
Waits a little longer;
Till the loved shall clasp your hand
With a love grown stronger.
Friends are beck’ning from the skies,
Urging on the soul that tries
Still to reach heav’n’s paradise,
On, a little longer.

Fannie E. Townsley/T.M. Towne


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