No. 66 the Beatitudes

Verse 1:
Blessed! blessed!
Poor in spirit,
Mourning, weeping on the way;
Yours a kingdom to inherit,
God shall wipe your tears away.

Blessed! blessed!
O pure hearted
And who make and live for peace;
You from God shall ne’er be parted,
Nor from you his favor cease.

Verse 2:
Blessed! blessed!
Meek and lowly,
You from strife and rage afar;
Earth is yours and heav’n so holy,
You shall shine where angels are.

Verse 3:
Blessed! blessed!
Hung’ring, thirsting,
For the righteousness you love;
Lo for you the Fount is bursting,
And the feast awaits above.

Verse 4:
Blessed! blessed!
Kind, forgiving,
In the smile of God you rest;
Mercy from on high receiving,
Blessed now and ever blest.

Rev. W. Wye Smith/W.F. Sherwin


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