No. 69 Jesus, Keep Me

Verse 1:
Dear Jesus, keep me ever with thyself;
Life without Thee now is losing all its charms.
I have found in Thee the source of life and light.
Thy blest presence scatters all alarms.

Yes, Jesus, hold me closely in Thine arms,
Ever round me may they be,
Till in the sunshine of Thy love,
I shall rest eternally.

Verse 2:
O Jesus, ever journey by my side,
Let me feel Thy presence with me all the way.
Let me hear Thy words of counsel and of love,
Happy to be with Thee all the day.

Verse 3:
O Jesus, be enthron’d within my soul.
May my tho’ts and words flow ever forth from Thee.
Keep me clens’d and pure from ev’ry stain of sin,
Evermore abiding may I be.

David C. Cook/M. Villa


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