No. 78: He is With Me

Verse 1:
Worlds on worlds are in His keeping,
Yet He keeps me by his pow’r;
Day and night He knows no sleeping,
He is with me ev’ry hour.

Ev’ry hour He is most precious,
Ev’ry day He is my stay;
Nothing e’er can come to hurt me,
He is with me all the way.

Verse 2:
Love divine is o’er me stealing,
Love unmeasured all the way;
Love that makes earth’s prison, palace,
Love that makes earth’s night all day.

Verse 3:
If within the den of lions,
I may know His matchless grace,
With His angel watching o’er me,
I shall laugh, their pow’r to face.

Verse 4:
If within the fiery furnace,
I may see His blessed face,
Sweetest moments then life’s trials,
Blessed trophies, of His grace.

Verse 5:
He has pow’r o’er storm and tempest,
He has pow’r o’er sin and strife,
Glad with Him to sail life’s ocean,
In His keeping trust my life.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/harmonized by T.M.T.


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