No. 91: Jesus is Near

There is a note in parenthesis below the title; (Tune, “Robin Adair”).

Verse 1;
Oh, ye of little faith,
What do you fear?
E’en in the tempest’s wrath,
Jesus is near.
What tho’ the winds may roar?
What tho’ the rains may pour?
He is forevermore
Ready to hear.

Verse 2:
Jesus, our help and stay,
If we endure;
Trials beset our way,
Yet we’re secure.
On Him in faith rely,
Peace cometh by and by;
Satan we can defy,
Our rest is sure.

Verse 3:
This life will soon be past;
Ended its pain;
In peace and joy at last,
Heav’n we shall gain,
And with the good and pure,
Dwell there forevermore,
Sing with the angel choir,
“Here Jesus reigns!”

Mrs. Jennie Kline


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