No. 129 First for Jesus

Verse 1;
First tho’ts for Jesus,
Best tho’ts for Thee;
So to be good and true,
Right be in all I do,
Right in the great and small,
Act right by all.

Let Jesus be first, first,
Let Jesus be first;
Let Jesus be first in ev’rything with you,
None cares so much for thee,
None loves so tenderly,
None is so wise as He,
Let Jesus be first.

Verse 2:
First work for Jesus,
Best work for Thee;
So may my work be right,
Ever as in Thy sight
Work that shall stand the test,
Work all the best.

Verse 3:
First tho’ts of Jesus,
Best tho’ts of Thee;
So may I always be
Closest of all to Thee,
Happy my life shall be,
Always with Thee.

Verse 4:
First love for Jesus,
Best love for Thee;
Touched by Thy loving smile,
Be loving all the while,
Loving to great and small,
Loving to all.

Verse 5:
First, ALL for Jesus,
First, ALL for Thee;
So may my treasure be
Such as is good to Thee,
Treasure that shall endure,
All that is pure.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/Harmonized by T.M.T.


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