No. 154

No title is given for this hymn and, although it is familiar to me, I cannot remember its name.

Verse 1:
Lord, I hear of showers of blessing
Thou art scattering full and free–
Showers, the thirsty land refreshing;
Let some droppings fall on me–

Even me, even me,
Let They blessing fall on me.

Verse 2:
Pass me not, O gracious Father!
Sinful though my heart may be;
Thou might’st leave me, but the rather
Let Thy mercy fall on me–

Verse 3:
Pass me not, O tender Savior!
Let me love and cling to Thee
I am longing for Thy favor;
Whilst Thou’rt calling, oh, call me–

Verse 4:
Pass me not! Thy lost one bringing,
Bind my heart, O Lord, to Thee;
While the streams of life are springing,
Blessing others, oh, bless me.

Mrs. Eliz. Codner


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