No. 160 All My Life Long

Verse 1:
All my life long have my steps been attended
Surely by One who regarded my ways;
Tenderly watched over, sweetly befriended,
Blessings have follow’d my nights and my days;
Tears have been quenched in the sunshine of gladness,
Anthems of sorrow been turned into song;
Angels have guarded the gateways of sadness,
Summer and winter, yes, all my life long.

Verse 2:
All in the dark would I be, and uncertain
Whither to go, but for One at my side,
Who from the future removes the dim curtain
Lining the glory to mortals denied;
No other friend could so patiently lead me,
No other friend prove so faithful and strong;
With angels’ food He has promised to feed me,
Who hath befriended me all my life long.

Verse 3:
He will not weary, O blessed assurance!
Infinite love will the finite outlast;
But for my heavenly Father’s assurance,
Into the depths of despair I were cast;
This is my star in a midnight of sorrow,
This is my refuge, my strength and my song;
Earth is today, but there’s heaven tomorrow,
And Jesus will guide me all my live long.

Josephine Pollard/C.E. Pollock


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