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No. 157 Happy in Jesus

(Sing to Tune on Opposite Page)–by which they mean “The Kindest Rule”.

Verse 1:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love;
I could sing from morn to even,
Like the blessed ones above.
I could tell of Thy sweet mercy
Through the bright, bright, sunny day,
And in joy and adoration
Pass the blissful hours away.

I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, yes, I’m happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love.

Verse 2:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
For I know that Thou art mine,
And Thy Spirit witness whispers
That I am a child of Thine;
And an heir to life and glory
In the deathless summer land,
Where with saints and shining angels
In my white robes I shall stand.

Verse 3:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
And my heart is light and free
As the bonnie birds above me,
Warbling joyous melody;
I will sing of Thee, my Savior,
Bless Thee with my feeble breath,
Till my eyes are closed to life-light,
and my earth-songs hushed in death.

A.T. Goram


No. 63 Praise, Praise to Jesus

Verse 1:
Bright is the pilgrim way,
Leads on to endless day,
From it we would not stray;
He leads us on,
He is our staff and stay,
He leads us on.

Praise, praise to Jesus,
Praise, praise to Jesus,
Loud let our anthems ring;
Praise, praise to Him.

Verse 2:
Glad is the praise we bring,
Oh, let us ever sing,
Ever on joyous wing,
Praise, praise to Him;
Loud let the anthems ring,
Praise, praise to Him.

Verse 3:
Soon in the happy land,
With all the blest to stand,
With all the white-robed band,
Dwell, dwell for aye,
Happy at His right hand,
Dwell, dwell for aye.

David C. Cook/L.E. Jones

No. 38 Shall We Gather at the River

My maternal maternal great-grandfather died when I was eight. This was his favorite hymn.

Verse 1:
Shall we gather at the river
Where bright angel feet have trod;
With its crystal tide forever
Flowing by the throne of God?

Yes, we’ll gather at the river,
The beautiful, the beautiful river–
Gather with the saints at the river
That flows by the throne of God.

Verse 2:
On the margin of the river,
Washing up its silver spray,
We will walk and worship ever,
All the happy, golden day.

Verse 3:
On the bosom of the river,
Where the Savior-king we own,
We shall meet, and sorrow never
‘Neath the glory of the throne.

Verse 4:
Ere we reach the shining river,
Lay we ev’ry burden down’
Grace our spirits will deliver,
And provide a robe and crown.

Verse 5:
At the smiling of the river,
Rippling with the Savior’s face,
Saints whom death will never sever
Lift their songs of saving grace.

Verse 6:
Soon we’ll reach the shining river,
Soon our pilgrimage will cease;
Soon our happy hearts will quiver
With the melody of peace.

Rev.R. Lowry

I’m almost Home

Verse 1:
I’m almost home! My pilgrim feet
Have trod the desert’s weary road,
But soon they’ll walk the golden street,
Within the Paradise of God.

I’m almost home! I’m almost home!
I soon shall reach my long-sought rest.
I’m almost home! Oh, glorious home!
A home forever with the blest.

Verse 2:
I’m almost home! These flowing tears
Will soon be dried and cease to start
And I shall enter into life,
And feel the tempter’s power no more.

Verse 3:
I’m almost home! The toilsome strife,
The conflict here will soon be o’er,
And greet the friends my heart holds dear,
Who watch and wait for me to come.

Verse 4:
I’m almost home! The rolling wave
Of Jordan’s stream will soon be past–
I’ll sing the power of Christ to save,
And shout, “I’m home! I’m home at last!”

John Scott, D.D./G. Waring Stebbins