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No. 161 International Sunday School Hymn

Air: “John Brown’s Body”

At the time, “Sunday-School” was in the hyphenated stage of trying to become one word. This, obviously, failed. “To-day”, however, did eventually become one word.

Verse 1:
Hail our glorious Leader, might Captain of our band!
Listen, comrades, listen to the word of His command;
Lift His banner higher, let it float o’er all the land;
Still follow where He leads.

Follow, follow Christ our Leader,
Loyal hearts, be true to Him forever,
Naught on earth from Him shall sever;
He leads to victory.

Verse 2:
Lo! a might army is the Sunday-School to-day;
See its royal colors as it marches on its way;
Jesus goes before us while we watch and fight and pray
And follow where He leads.

Verse 3:
Enemies are ’round us, there are fears and foes within;
Jesus will defend us as we face the hosts of sin;
Trusting in our Captain, we the victory shall win;
We follow where He leads.

Verse 4:
Hear the tread of thousands that are falling into line!
Welcome, comrades, welcome, for our Leader is divine;
Forward, at His signal, till the lights of heaven shine,
Still follow where He leads.

Julia H. Johnston


No. 160 All My Life Long

Verse 1:
All my life long have my steps been attended
Surely by One who regarded my ways;
Tenderly watched over, sweetly befriended,
Blessings have follow’d my nights and my days;
Tears have been quenched in the sunshine of gladness,
Anthems of sorrow been turned into song;
Angels have guarded the gateways of sadness,
Summer and winter, yes, all my life long.

Verse 2:
All in the dark would I be, and uncertain
Whither to go, but for One at my side,
Who from the future removes the dim curtain
Lining the glory to mortals denied;
No other friend could so patiently lead me,
No other friend prove so faithful and strong;
With angels’ food He has promised to feed me,
Who hath befriended me all my life long.

Verse 3:
He will not weary, O blessed assurance!
Infinite love will the finite outlast;
But for my heavenly Father’s assurance,
Into the depths of despair I were cast;
This is my star in a midnight of sorrow,
This is my refuge, my strength and my song;
Earth is today, but there’s heaven tomorrow,
And Jesus will guide me all my live long.

Josephine Pollard/C.E. Pollock

No. 156 The Kindest Rule

I have never seen this song before, but it is the best interpretation of the Golden Rule I believe I have ever heard. We have no idea what is going on in others’ lives that make them behave and choose as they do. We must always be kind and understanding if we truly wish to serve Christ.

Verse 1:
Kinder rule of earthly duty
Wisest men could never give;
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty
Need we never while we live.
Whatsoever deeds of kindness
We may wish that men may do,
Unto others we must ever
Show these loving actions, too.

Kinder rule of earthly duty,
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty,
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty,
Need we never while we live.

Verse 2:
Are we tempted to be selfish,
Angry, harsh, unkind, untrue;
Hear the voice of conscience whisper,
“Would you have this done to you?”
Fewer wounds would then be given,
Fewer bitter words be said,
Fewer acts to be regretted,
When the ones we love are dead.

Verse 3:
We would never show to others
Scornful, proud, unloving face,
Knowing not what our lives might be,
Had God put us in their place.
From our hearts should first be driven
All the thoughts of wrong and strife,
Ere we have the right to censure
What we see in other’s life.

Susie M. Day/A.T. Goram

No. 152 Draw Me to Thee

I haven’t posted a hymn in awhile, but it seems appropriate that this is the one to be posted on the Thursday before Easter. Did Christ not come to draw all men to Him?

Verse 1:
What is it keeps me from the fold?
Why do I stay in the darkness and cold?
Why do I suffer this anguish untold?
O Jesus, draw me to Thee.

Jesus, my heart is yearning for Thee,
Jesus, my heart is yearning for Thee,
Come to my rescue, dear Savior, to-day,
Break ev’ry bond that keeps me away,
O Jesus, draw me to Thee.

Verse 2:
Is it the tempter’s cruel hold,
Have I by self unto him been sold?
Jesus o’er Satan has power untold,
O Jesus, draw me to Thee.

Verse 3:
How I have suffered because of sin,
How I have prayed for Thy coming within,
How I have longed for Thy life to begin,
O Jesus, draw me to Thee.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/Harmonized by T.M.T.


No. 149 Work and Pray

Verse 1:
Up, friends of Jesus, the harvest now is white;
Work will soon be over, fast falls the shade of night;
Strong in His strength, let us bind the golden sheaves,
Could we meet the Master with naught but leaves?

Work and pray, yes, work and pray,
Let the watchword pass along,
Work and play,
Now while ’tis day,
Come and join our happy throng.

Verse 2:
Up, friends of Jesus, for time will soon be o’er,
Harvest days are passing to come again no more;
Wake from repose, hear the Master calling still,
Rise to earnest effort with right good will.

Verse 3:
Shout, friends of Jesus, for when our work is done,
Joyful we will gather to greet the harvest home;
Then let us hasten the golden sheaves to bind,
Rest and life eternal we all shall find.

Kate Sumner Burr/M.J. Munger

No. 148 I’ll Give My Heart to Thee

This has a four part chorus; soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Verse 1:
Loving, I’ll go to the Savior’s side,
Blessed Jesus, He will provide!
And He will open the gates so wide,
To bid me enter in.

Yes, loving, I’ll go to Him,
All sorrows I’ll leave with Him;
My heart will I give to Him,
Christ, the Savior dear.

Yes, loving, I’ll go to Him
All sorrows I’ll leave with Him;
My heart will I give to Him,
Christ, the Savior dear.

Yes, loving, we’ll go to Him,
All sorrows we’ll leave with Him;
Glad hearts will we bring to Him,
Christ, the Savior dear.

Yes, I will go, go to Him,
Sorrow and care leave with Him,
…Savior dear.

Verse 2:
Singing so joyously, angels stand,
Shining host of the promised land,
Glad that I’ve given my heart and hand
To Christ, the Lord of all.

Verse 3:
Tenderly caring for you and me,
Jesus giveth His love so free!
Haste, then, His dutiful child to be,
And ye shall enter in.

J.C.M./J.C. Macy

No. 147 Enter In

Verse 1:
Heav’n is worth the earnest seeking,
Enter in, enter in;
This the word that Christ is speaking,
Enter, enter in.
He who feeds the falling sparrow,
Cares to rescue us from sin;
Enter, tho’ the gate be narrow,
Enter in, enter in.

Verse 2:
With thee now the Savior pleadeth,
Enter in, enter in;
This the way to life that leadeth,
Enter in, enter in.
From the way of death departing,
Leaving all the paths of sin,
Ev’ry evil course forsaking,
Enter in, enter in.

Verse 3:
Hearken to the voices crying,
Enter in, enter in;
Take His cross, thyself denying,
Enter in, enter in.
Listen to the voice of conscience
As it gently speaks within;
Hasten to the way of safety,
Enter in, enter in.

E. Corwin, D.D/T. Martin Towne