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No. 118 In the Ark of His Love

Verse 1:
There’s a place for the Christian to hide
In the hour of his sorrow and woe;
When beateth dark grief’s angry tide,
Oh, ’tis sweet of that refuge to know.

In the ark of His love, of His love,
In the secret pavilion of God;
In the ark of His love, of His love,
In the secret pavilion of God.

Verse 2:
It is far from the world’s noisy strife,
Far away from the turmoil of sin,
None know of its “newness of life,”
Save those who in joy enter in.

Verse 3:
O toilers by sorrow oppressed,
Come enter this joyful abode,
Come, taste of its sweetness and rest,
And cast off your sin-given load.

Nettie J. Hunt/T. Martin Towne
From “Lost and Saved”

I assume “Lost and Saved” is another publication of hymns and/or popular songs. I will have to look into it.


No. 103: God Shall Wipe All Tears Away

Verse 1:
Is there sadness in your gladness?
Soon shall come the perfect day;
He is leading on to heaven,
God shall wipe all tears away.

God shall wipe all tears away,
God shall wipe all tears away,
He is leading on to heaven,
God shall wipe all tears away.

Verse 2:
Is life full of care and worry?
Let the heart be light and gay,
He is leading on to heaven,
God shall wipe all tears away.

Verse 3:
Casting all your care upon Him,
Peace shall come the heart to stay,
He is leading on to heaven,
God shall wipe all tears away.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/Harmonized by T.M.T.

No. 92

Another hymn without a name. This one I have not seen before and so have no idea of its title.

Verse 1:
When thou passest thro’ the waters,
Rough and raging though they be,
Trust in Jesus, fear no evil,
In His hand He holds the sea.

Jesus hears His crying children,
Gives them blessed words of cheer;
Saves them in the time of trouble;
Trust in Him without a fear.

Verse 2:
When the storms of life are heavy,
High with waves our path is laid,
May we hear those words so cheering,
“It is I, be not afraid.”


No. 91: Jesus is Near

There is a note in parenthesis below the title; (Tune, “Robin Adair”).

Verse 1;
Oh, ye of little faith,
What do you fear?
E’en in the tempest’s wrath,
Jesus is near.
What tho’ the winds may roar?
What tho’ the rains may pour?
He is forevermore
Ready to hear.

Verse 2:
Jesus, our help and stay,
If we endure;
Trials beset our way,
Yet we’re secure.
On Him in faith rely,
Peace cometh by and by;
Satan we can defy,
Our rest is sure.

Verse 3:
This life will soon be past;
Ended its pain;
In peace and joy at last,
Heav’n we shall gain,
And with the good and pure,
Dwell there forevermore,
Sing with the angel choir,
“Here Jesus reigns!”

Mrs. Jennie Kline

No. 54 Climb a Little Longer

This song features a duet and a chorus. I have put the duet’s part in italics and the chorus’ in bold. All other lyrics are sung together.

Verse 1:
Trav’ler, tho’ your feet are worn,
Climb a little longer;
Tho’ with thorns your hands are torn,
Climb a little longer.
Thorns shall change to waving palms,
Tempests cease in heav’nly calms,
Joy shall banish your alarms,
Wait a little longer.

Verse 2:
Tho’ your heart is aching sore,
Bear a little longer;
Stands another cross before?
Lift a little longer.
No more heartache, no more pain,
In the land that you shall gain,
Only faithfully remain
True a little longer.

Verse 3:
Step by step climb higher still,
Climb a little longer;
At the top your heart shall thrill,
Help a little longer.
On your brow shall shine a gem,
Sparkling in life’s diadem,
In the new Jerusalem
On, a little longer.

Verse 4
Glory in the sunset land
Waits a little longer;
Till the loved shall clasp your hand
With a love grown stronger.
Friends are beck’ning from the skies,
Urging on the soul that tries
Still to reach heav’n’s paradise,
On, a little longer.

Fannie E. Townsley/T.M. Towne

No. 51

No title is given for this hymn, although I believe it is “In the Secret of His Presence”.

Verse 1:
In the secret of His presence,
I am kept from strife of tongues,
His pavilion is around me,
And within are ceaseless songs;
Stormy winds, His words fulfilling,
Beat without, but cannot harm,
For the Master’s voice is stilling
Storm and tempest to a calm.

Verse 2:
In the secret of His presence,
All the darkness disappears,
For a sun that knows no setting,
Throws a rainbow on my fears,
So the day grows ever brighter,
Broadening to the perfect noon,
So the way grows ever brighter,
Heaven is coming near and soon.

Verse 3:
In the secret of His presence,
Nevermore can foes alarm,
In the shadow of the highest,
I can meet them with a song.
For the strong pavilion hides me,
Turns their fiery darts aside,
And I know whate’er betides me,
I shall live because He died.

Verse 4:
In the secret of His presence,
In the sweet, unbroken rest,
Pleasures, joys, in glorious fullness,
Making earth like Eden blest;
So my peace grows deep and deeper,
Widening as it nears the sea,
For my Savior is my keeper,
Keeping mine and keeping me.

Rev. Henry Burton

No. 44 Tell It to Jesus

“To-morrow” is still transitioning to a single word from two.

Verse 1:
Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?
Tell it to Jesus,
Tell it to Jesus;
Are you grieving over joys departed?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus,
He is a friend that’s well known;
You have no other such a friend or brother,
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Verse 2:
Do the tears flow down your cheeks unbidden?
Tell it to Jesus,
Tell it to Jesus;
Have you sins that to man’s eyes are hidden?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Verse 3:
Do you fear the gath’ring clouds of sorrow?
Tell it to Jesus,
Tell it to Jesus;
Are you anxious what shall be to-morrow?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Verse 4:
Are you troubled at the tho’t of dying?
Tell it to Jesus,
Tell it to Jesus;
For Christ’s kingdom are you sighing?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

J.E. Rankin, D.D./E.S. Lorenz