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No. 157 Happy in Jesus

(Sing to Tune on Opposite Page)–by which they mean “The Kindest Rule”.

Verse 1:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love;
I could sing from morn to even,
Like the blessed ones above.
I could tell of Thy sweet mercy
Through the bright, bright, sunny day,
And in joy and adoration
Pass the blissful hours away.

I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, yes, I’m happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love.

Verse 2:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
For I know that Thou art mine,
And Thy Spirit witness whispers
That I am a child of Thine;
And an heir to life and glory
In the deathless summer land,
Where with saints and shining angels
In my white robes I shall stand.

Verse 3:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
And my heart is light and free
As the bonnie birds above me,
Warbling joyous melody;
I will sing of Thee, my Savior,
Bless Thee with my feeble breath,
Till my eyes are closed to life-light,
and my earth-songs hushed in death.

A.T. Goram


No. 126 Holy Spirit

Verse 1:
Holy Spirit, faithful Guide,
Ever near the Christian’s side,
Gently lead us by the hand,
Pilgrims in a desert land.
Weary souls fore’er rejoice,
While they hear that sweetest voice
Whispering softly, “Wanderer, come,
Follow me, I’ll guide thee home.”

Verse 2:
Ever present, truest Friend,
Ever near, Thine aid to lend;
Leave us not to doubt and fear,
Groping on in darkness drear,
When the storms are raging sore,
Hearts grow faint, and hopes give o’er,
Whisper softly, “Wanderer, come,
Follow me, I’ll guide thee home.”

No author/composer given

No. 42 Working for Him

Verse 1:
Joy, sweet joy, to be the Lord’s own helper,
Bearing the Gospel tidings on its way;
Blessed indeed to be a chosen vessel,
Fit for His use, tho’ made of earthly clay.

Verse 2:
Sweet, oh, sweet shall be the joy of working;
Waiting upon the Lord is our delight;
Gladly we toil, nor call the toiling labor;
Heart joined with hand makes ev’ry labor light.

Verse 3:
We would bear His Spirit in our bosoms,
Working without a hope of earthly gain;
Surely enough to Him to be of service,
Giving, we shall the best of all attain.

Ella Rockwood/Arr. from Russel, by T.M.T.

Now the Day is Over

Verse 1:
Now the day is over,
Night is drawing nigh,
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky

Verse 2:
Jesus, give the weary
Calm and sweet repose;
With Thy tend’rest blessing
May our eyelids close.

Verse 3:
Thro’ the long night-watches
May thine angels spread
Their white wings above us,
Watching round each bed.

Verse 4:
When the morning wakens,
Then may I arise
Pure, and fresh, and sinless
In Thy holy eyes.

Verse 5:
Glory to the Father,
Glory to the Son,
And to Thee, blest Spirit,
Whilst all ages run.

S. Baring Gould/Joseph Barnby

O Day of Rest and Gladness

Verse 1:
O day of rest and gladness,
O day of joy and light;
O balm of care and sadness,
Most beautiful, most bright;
On thee the high and lowly,
Thro’ ages joined in tune,
Sing “Holy, holy, holy,”
To the great God Triune.

Verse 2:
On thee, at the creation,
The light first had its birth;
On thee, for our salvation,
Christ rose from depths of earth;
On thee, our Lord, victorious,
The Spirit sent from heaven;
And thus on thee, most glorious,
A triple light was given.

Verse 3:
New graces ever gaining
From this our day of rest,
We reach the rest remaining
To spirits of the blest;
To Holy Ghost be praises,
To Father, and to Son;
The Church her voice upraises
To Thee, blest Three in One.

C. Wordsworth/German melody

Take Thou My Hand

Verse 1:
Take Thou my hand, and lead me–
Choose Thou my way;
“Not as I will,” O Father,
Teach me to say;
What though the storms may gather?
Thou knowest best;
Safe in Thy holy keeping,
There would I rest.

Verse 2:
Take Thou my hand, and lead me–
Lord, I am Thine;
Fill with Thy Holy Spirit
This heart of mine;
Then in the hour of trial
Strong shall I be–
Ready to do, or suffer,
Dear Lord, for Thee.

Verse 3:
Take Thou my hand, and lead me,
Lord, as I go;
Into Thy perfect image
Help me to grow;
Still in Thine own pavilion
Shelter Thou me;
Keep me, O Father, keep me,
Close, close to Thee.

Julia Sterling/Ira D. Sankey

Come, Holy Spirit

Verse 1:
Come, Holy Spirit,
Like a dove descending,
Rest Thou upon us
While we meet to pray;
Show us the Saviour,
All His love revealing;
Lead us to Him,
The Life, the Truth, the Way.

Verse 2:
Come, Holy Spirit,
Ev’ry cloud dispeling,
Fill us with gladness,
Thro’ the Master’s name;
Bring to our mem’ry
Words that He hath spoken,
Then shall our tongues
His wond’rous grace proclaim.

Verse 3:
come, Holy Spirit,
Sent from God the Father–
Thou Friend and Teacher,
Comforter and Guide–
Our thoughts directing,
Keep us close to Jesus,
And in our hearts
Forevermore abide.

Robert Bruce/Ira D. Sankey