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No. 161 International Sunday School Hymn

Air: “John Brown’s Body”

At the time, “Sunday-School” was in the hyphenated stage of trying to become one word. This, obviously, failed. “To-day”, however, did eventually become one word.

Verse 1:
Hail our glorious Leader, might Captain of our band!
Listen, comrades, listen to the word of His command;
Lift His banner higher, let it float o’er all the land;
Still follow where He leads.

Follow, follow Christ our Leader,
Loyal hearts, be true to Him forever,
Naught on earth from Him shall sever;
He leads to victory.

Verse 2:
Lo! a might army is the Sunday-School to-day;
See its royal colors as it marches on its way;
Jesus goes before us while we watch and fight and pray
And follow where He leads.

Verse 3:
Enemies are ’round us, there are fears and foes within;
Jesus will defend us as we face the hosts of sin;
Trusting in our Captain, we the victory shall win;
We follow where He leads.

Verse 4:
Hear the tread of thousands that are falling into line!
Welcome, comrades, welcome, for our Leader is divine;
Forward, at His signal, till the lights of heaven shine,
Still follow where He leads.

Julia H. Johnston


No. 149 Work and Pray

Verse 1:
Up, friends of Jesus, the harvest now is white;
Work will soon be over, fast falls the shade of night;
Strong in His strength, let us bind the golden sheaves,
Could we meet the Master with naught but leaves?

Work and pray, yes, work and pray,
Let the watchword pass along,
Work and play,
Now while ’tis day,
Come and join our happy throng.

Verse 2:
Up, friends of Jesus, for time will soon be o’er,
Harvest days are passing to come again no more;
Wake from repose, hear the Master calling still,
Rise to earnest effort with right good will.

Verse 3:
Shout, friends of Jesus, for when our work is done,
Joyful we will gather to greet the harvest home;
Then let us hasten the golden sheaves to bind,
Rest and life eternal we all shall find.

Kate Sumner Burr/M.J. Munger

No. 134 Following Jesus

Verse 1:
Following Jesus day by day,
Walking with Him the narrow way;
Close to His steps our feet shall cling,
Following Jesus while we sing.

Following, following ev’ry day,
Following Christ in the heavenly way;
Following, following all our lives long,
Following Jesus with service and song.

Verse 2:
Following Jesus, leaving all,
Glad to obey His heav’nly call;
Freely our lives to Him we bring,
Following Jesus while we sing.

Verse 3:
Following Him and growing strong,
Doing the right and shunning wrong;
Safe from the tempter, ‘neath His wing,
Following Jesus while we sing.

Verse 4:
Following Him while life is giv’n,
Following Christ to home in heav’n;
Sweeter our praises there shall ring,
Following Jesus while we sing.

Rev. A.A. Hoskin/W.S. Pitts

No. 131

No title is given for this hymn.

Verse 1:
What though the load be heavy,
What though the road be steep,
What though my feet grow weary,
Christ my soul will keep.
If what He asks seems grievous,
Yet will I quick obey,
For I am sure He loves me,
And will find a way.

Verse 2:
What though the hand grow weary,
What though the eye grow dim;
Jesus has bid me trust Him,
Cast all my care on Him;
So, in the dark and sunshine,
Close by my Savior’s side,
Yielding my hand to Jesus,
Trust Him as my guide.

Rev. L.F. Cole

No. 112 Keep Me with Thee

Verse 1:
Keep me with Thee, O Lord,
Keep me with Thee;
Drawing from Thee my life,
Free from earth’s bitter strife,
Living with Thee, Lord,
Living with Thee.

Keep me with Thee, Lord,
Keep me with Thee;
In Thee abiding
Ever providing,
Thou art unfailing,
Keep me with Thee.

Verse 2:
Bearing the fruits of love,
Keep me with Thee;
Gentle each word I speak,
Pure ev’ry joy I seek,
Loving Thee ever,
Living with Thee.

Verse 3:
Thro’ me Thy life flow on,
Keep me with Thee’
Right be my ev’ry tho’t,
Loving, each deed thus wrought,
Flowing from Thee, Lord,
Flowing from Thee.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/Harmonized by T.M.T.

Tell It Again

Today, I received a lot of hymnals I had purchased in an on-line auction. One of them is titled, “Sunny Songs for Little Folks No. 1” and was published in 1908. Whenever I get a new hymnal, I flip through it to see if it has any songs I don’t know. This song impressed me greatly. I pray that we will work so that, when the Saviour returns, no one will be able to say, “Nobody ever has told me before!”.

Verse 1:
Into the tent where a gypsy boy lay,
Dying alone at the close of the day,
News of salvation we carried;–said he,
“Nobody ever has told it to me!”

Tell it again! tell it again!
Salvation’s story repeat o’er and o’er,
Till none can say of the children of men,
“Nobody ever has told me before!”

Verse 2:
“Did he so love me, a poor little boy?
Send unto me the good tidings of joy?
Need I not perish? my hand will he hold?
Nobody ever the story has told!”

Verse 3:
Bending, we caught the last words of his breath,
Just as he entered the valley of death,
“God sent me his Son!” “whosoever,” said he;
“Then I am sure that he sent him for me!”

Verse 4:
Smiling, he said, as his last sigh he spent,
“I am so glad that for me he was sent!”
Whispered, while low sank the sun in the west,
“Lord, I believe,” “tell it now to the rest!”

Mrs. M.B.C. Slade/R.M. McIntosh

No. 90: Opening Hymn

“Today” again, in transition to one word from two. A new linguistic note from this hymn; “ever-blessed” is still two words as seen in Verse 2. Currently, the spelling in quotes is considered correct. I wonder how long it will stay this way before becoming a single word as so many other two-word combinations did in the last century.

Verse 1:
We have come to seek a blessing
In our Father’s house to-day;
All His wondrous love confessing,
At the throne of grace we pray;
For His guidance we implore Him,
For the wisdom from above,
And with grateful hearts adore Him,
For His goodness and His love.

Verse 2:
Joyfully our songs ascending
To the ever blessed One,
With the angel notes are blending,
As they chant around the throne.
Gladly to the open portal,
All our off’rings now we bring;
Heirs are we to life immortal,
Subjects of a heav’nly King.

Verse 3:
At the bell’s sweet chime we gather,
In the house of praise and pray’r,
Children of one loving Father,
Guarded by His tender care;
May we sing the precious story
Of a Savior’s wondrous love,
With the ransom’d saints in glory,
In our Father’s house above.

J.F. Hall