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No. 157 Happy in Jesus

(Sing to Tune on Opposite Page)–by which they mean “The Kindest Rule”.

Verse 1:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love;
I could sing from morn to even,
Like the blessed ones above.
I could tell of Thy sweet mercy
Through the bright, bright, sunny day,
And in joy and adoration
Pass the blissful hours away.

I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, oh, so happy,
I am happy, yes, I’m happy,
Precious Savior, in Thy love.

Verse 2:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
For I know that Thou art mine,
And Thy Spirit witness whispers
That I am a child of Thine;
And an heir to life and glory
In the deathless summer land,
Where with saints and shining angels
In my white robes I shall stand.

Verse 3:
I am happy, oh, so happy,
And my heart is light and free
As the bonnie birds above me,
Warbling joyous melody;
I will sing of Thee, my Savior,
Bless Thee with my feeble breath,
Till my eyes are closed to life-light,
and my earth-songs hushed in death.

A.T. Goram


No. 150

No title is given for this hymn. “Lays” is an old word for “songs” or “hymns”. I really like that the author of this hymn has the last name “Medley”.

Verse 1:
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays,
And sing thy great Redeemer’s praise;
He justly claims a song from me,
His loving-kindness is so free.

Verse 2:
Through mighty hosts of cruel foes,
Where earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along,
His loving-kindness is so strong.

Verse 3:
So when I pass death’s gloomy vale,
And life and mortal powers shall fail,
Oh, may my last expiring breath
His loving-kindness sing in death.

Verse 4:
Then shall I mount and soar away
To the bright world of endless day;
There shall I sing, with sweet surprise,
His loving-kindness in the skies.

Rev. Samuel Medley

No. 137 Oh, For a Thousand Tongues

This is one my favorite hymns, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it with this Verse 2.

Old Air: “Away the Bowl”

Verse 1:
Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing
My great Redeemer’s praise;
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of His grace!
My gracious Master, and my God,
Assist me to proclaim,–
To spread thro’ all the earth abroad,
The honors of Thy name.

Verse 2:
Jesus! the name that charms my fears,
That bids our sorrow cease;
‘Tis music in the sinner’s ears;
‘Tis life, and health, and peace,
He speaks, and, list’ning to His voice,–
New life the dead receive;
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice;
The humble poor believe.

Wesley/Arr. by T.M.T.

No. 128 Perfect in Thee

Old Air, “Oft in the Stilly Night”

Verse 1:
Alone thro’ Thee is victory,
Thou art my joy and crown;
Alone to Thee, the glory be,
To Thee be all renown.

To Thee, to Thee, the glory be,
To Thee, my Savior dear,
My soul goes singing all the way,
For Thou art all to me.

Verse 2:
My soul away to realms of day,
Would higher take its flight;
On Thee rely, still upward fly,
Thy love shall bear me right.

Verse 3:
It is Thy will, Thy blessed will,
That I should perfect be;
Thy love untold, shall me uphold,
My life be lost in Thee.

David C. Cook/Arranged by T.M.T.

No. 125 All Hail the Power

This song usually has a chorus, so I am not sure what the tune is here as I do not read music, but sing by ear. Verse 3 is new to me. I always love discovering new verses to hymns I have been familiar with since childhood.

Verse 1:
All hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown Him Lord of all.

Verse 2:
Ye chosen seed of Israel’s race,
Ye ransomed from the fall,
Hail Him who saves you by His grace,
And crown Him Lord of all.

Verse 3:
Sinners, whose love can ne’er forget
The wormwood and the gall,
Go, spread your trophies at His feet,
And crown Him Lord of all.

Verse 4:
Let every kindred, every tribe,
On this terrestrial ball,
To Him all majesty ascribe,
And crown Him Lord of all.

Rev. Edward Perronet

No. 123 We Are Coming to the Light

Verse 1:
We are coming to the light,
For we want to know the right,
And be free from sin and darkness,
So we’re coming to the light.

We are coming to the light,
We are coming to the light,
We are coming blessed Jesus, to Thee,
‘Tis the light, the life of men,
‘Tis renewed on earth again
In the hearts of those who love Thee
And we’re coming to the light.

Verse 2:
Oh, our hearts are all for thee,
And our lives would ever be,
In the light forever glowing,
So we’re coming to the light.

Verse 3:
Oh, that all the world might see,
The blest light and live in Thee,
Make our lives forever beacons
Lighting others to thyself.

D.C.C./David C. Cook/Har. by T.M.T.

No. 108 Our Friend

Verse 1:
One there is above all others
Well deserves the name of friend,
His a love beyond a mother’s,
Costly, free, and knows no end.

It is Jesus, it is Jesus,
It is Jesus, blessed Friend:
Let us love Him, let us praise Him,
Let us keep Him to the end.

Verse 2:
One there is whose arm is mighty,
One who ever will defend,
One whose care is always o’er us,
One who loves us to the end.

Verse 3:
One there is who knows our trouble,
One whose wisdom plans our way,
One who loves to guide and teach us,
One who leads to endless day.

No author/composer given