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No. 156 The Kindest Rule

I have never seen this song before, but it is the best interpretation of the Golden Rule I believe I have ever heard. We have no idea what is going on in others’ lives that make them behave and choose as they do. We must always be kind and understanding if we truly wish to serve Christ.

Verse 1:
Kinder rule of earthly duty
Wisest men could never give;
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty
Need we never while we live.
Whatsoever deeds of kindness
We may wish that men may do,
Unto others we must ever
Show these loving actions, too.

Kinder rule of earthly duty,
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty,
Sweeter rule of heav’nly beauty,
Need we never while we live.

Verse 2:
Are we tempted to be selfish,
Angry, harsh, unkind, untrue;
Hear the voice of conscience whisper,
“Would you have this done to you?”
Fewer wounds would then be given,
Fewer bitter words be said,
Fewer acts to be regretted,
When the ones we love are dead.

Verse 3:
We would never show to others
Scornful, proud, unloving face,
Knowing not what our lives might be,
Had God put us in their place.
From our hearts should first be driven
All the thoughts of wrong and strife,
Ere we have the right to censure
What we see in other’s life.

Susie M. Day/A.T. Goram


No. 24 Be Gentle

Verse 1:
Ever let us each be loving,
Show affection, kind and true,
Doing always unto others
As to us we’d have them do.

Oh, be gentle with each other;
Oh, be careful day by day,
Let us not offend in actions,
Or by anything we say.

Verse 2:
Ever let us each be loving,
Never give another pain,
If a brother speak in anger,
Answer not in wrath again.

Verse 3:
Be not selfish tow’rd each other,
Never spoil another’s play;
Let us not offend in actions,
Nor in anything we say.

Verse 4:
Oh, be gentle, oh, be gentle,
Oh, be gentle all the way,
Thinking kindly, speaking kindly,
Acting kindly ev’ry day.

Arranged/C.H. Fyke